Alpha Xi Delta

Zeta Theta at Wright State University


Being a part of a sisterhood means finding unity and friendship among women, perpetuating the deep bond and eternal love that started with our founders, and finding a solidarity and support system that will last a lifetime. Being a part of the sisterhood of the Zeta Theta chapter of Alpha Xi Delta means all of this, with a diverse group of women who will love you no matter what. Sisterhood is a special bond that is irreplaceable.


What does sisterhood mean to you?

"Finding a group of girls who will support you and encourage you to be the best version of yourself"- Morgan Trego

"Finding those people that will support you through your lows and help you celebrate your highs"- Keri Friend

"Endless and unconditional support and love" -Chloë Johnston

"Sisterhood is never ending support and laughter!" -Sidney Stewart

"Sisterhood means supporting one another through the best of times and the worst. It means always knowing there is someone to call when you need and that you are never truly alone. " -Antonia Clark