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Being apart of a sisterhood means finding unity and friendship among women, perpetuating the deep bond and eternal love that started with our founders, and finding a solidarity and support system that will last a lifetime. Being a part of the sisterhood of the Zeta Theta chapter of Alpha Xi Delta means all of this, with a diverse group of women who will love you no matter what. Sisterhood is a special bond that is irreplaceable.



What does sisterhood mean to you?

  • "Sisterhood is always having people there for you at anytime of day and loving each other despite differences." -Amber Smith
  • "Sisterhood is having a close relationship with another woman who will love and support whatever you do. In a sisterhood, you love one another through the good and bad, and help each other to be the best person you can be."  -Maria Helbig 
  • "Sisterhood means family. It means being apart of something that will impact your lives forever, its something that I will always cherish and hold deep in my heart." -Amanda Becerril
  • "Sisterhood is a true bond of love and loyalty. A strong, beautiful everlasting friendship that everyone should be apart of." - Jordan Kilby 
  • "Sisterhood means that I have a family away from home. It means that I always have people I can trust and count on and come to when I need help." -Mallory Buten
  • "Friendship, love, family and laughs." - Brittany England
  • "Sisterhood means always having people to count on matter what. I know I can count on every woman in AXiD to be there for me when I need them." -Holly Buten
  • "The meaning of sisterhood to me is that no matter what, the women that you are surrounded by are nonjudgemental no matter what, they will always stand by your side, they will always see the best in you. That's how I look at everyone of my sisters and I know they look at me the same way. It's all about the love!" -Kristin Hauser
  • "Sisterhood is knowing that a whole group of girls have my back and will support me no matter what!" - Sammi Newkirk
  • "Sisterhood is going into something new and being accepted instantly. It is being with a diverse group of girls that like what you like and that have the WANT to be in your corner. Sisterhood makes it OKAY to be different and OKAY to be you." -Emily Dotson
  • "Sisterhood to me is is sharing a special bond with successful women who accept me for who I am. To have sisters who love you and support you in all that you do." -Leah Brembeck
  • "Sisterhood to me means a unbreakable bond between amazing woman who will always be there no matter what. They are always there to share all the memories the good and the bad. They will always be a phone call away." -Miranda Almy
  • "Sisterhood means having a place to call home. My sisters are my family and  never feel lonely in Alpha Xi Delta!" -Bridget Snyder

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