Alpha Xi Delta

Zeta Theta at Wright State University

New Member Program

We strive to bring women into our Sisterhood who are going to be leaders, contributors and a Sister in every sense of the word. Real Merit and Worth: The New Member Program was designed with this in mind – enhancing leadership skills, setting goals, understanding who Alpha Xi Delta is at her core and providing opportunities for our newest members to create deep, meaningful relationships with each other, the chapter and our national organization. When you join Alpha Xi Delta you will discover who you really are, all with the help of your Sisters.

To Our Dearest New Member Class,

My name is Keri Friend and I am the New Member Orientation Director for Spring 2022 (NMOD aka New MOD) I hope you all are just as excited as I am to begin this new journey with Alpha Xi Delta. Joining a sorority has been a blessing for me and I really hope you all come to realize the amazing possibilities that are contained within the arms of our chapter. Just two years ago I was in your shoes and to tell you the truth I had no idea what to expect, especially because I wasn’t the ‘traditional’ sorority woman. I went through recruitment my junior year of college during a global pandemic. From learning how to navigate sorority life virtually to going all in-person, it's been a fun learning experience & I am excited to share the most helpful tips and tricks with you. 

Being in a sorority is more than just making friends and wearing letters, its about realizing your potential to be the best woman you can be and inspiring others to do the same. This chapter has an amazing group of women that will challenge you, inspire you, motivate you, and above all love you unconditionally no matter how low you might fall; we are always here to pick you back up. Alpha Xi Delta gave me a family and a place to call home when I had no one around. Alpha Xi Delta gave me a philanthropy that inspired me to make a difference in the world and become a better and more humble person. Alpha Xi Delta gave me hope for an incredible future because everyday this chapter challenges me academically and emotionally to realize my potential and succeed in all I do. Alpha Xi Delta has given me so much and continues to provide more than I ever expected after those first days of recruitment.

As you sit here and read this I hope that these words mean more to you than just a typed letter on a page. I have provided you a small glimpse of the possibilities that lie within this incredible chapter and I hope, with excitement, you can imagine the future that you will have within its arms. As your NMOD I can promise you many things. I promise to listen to you, I believe you all are individually unique and can provide amazing ideas for our chapter. I promise to inspire you and motivate you; no matter how low you might feel I will find a way to pick you back up. I promise to challenge you; we have chosen you and you have chosen us for various reasons, we saw greatness within you and I will make sure that you realize your potential and strive to be the best YOU you can be. I promise to support you in all decisions you make and guide you to achieve your goals, now and in the future. As your NMOD I also promise to be your leader, to be your mentor, to be your friend, and above all to be your sister. As you begin your journey with Alpha Xi Delta remember one thing, we are always going to be there for you, this is your home, and we are your sisters, Forever and Always.

Finally I leave you with my personal mission statement and something I have carried with me for years. I hope that you can take from it all that I have and more: Know yourself, know who you are, where you came from and where you are going. Strengthen the bonds you have with the people you already know, but take pride in meeting new people and exploring new places. Be creative and free because there are so many possibilities in life that you will never reach if you do not try. Have a voice when it counts, but don’t forget to listen - the most amazing things can happen from those you least expect. Be curious and seek out new opportunities to enrich your mind; and above all things make learning something that lasts a lifetime because growth comes from experience, curiosity, and inquiry. Keep growing and Realize your potential.

Love Always,

Your Sister, Keri Friend

New Member Orientation Director