Alpha Xi Delta

Zeta Theta at Wright State University

Letter To Alumnae

To Alpha Xi Delta Alumni,

Hello my name is Chloë Johnston and I am the Communications Vice President! I am here to make sure that we maintain open communication and an open friendship between the chapter of Zeta Theta, the Dayton Area Alumni Association, and any other alumni I might come in contact with.

It is important to really live by the saying, "its not four years, it’s for life." When a girl becomes an Alpha Xi Delta, she stays one forever. Most of the time that a sister will spend with Alpha Xi Delta will be as an alumna, and being involved in an alumni association is a great way to stay connected to Alpha Xi Delta and make new connections.

The Zeta Theta chapter wants to reach out to any alumna interested in being involved in our chapter activities as well as get involved with Dayton Alumni Association. It is our goal to not only stay in touch with the recently graduated alumni, but all alumni. I realize that as a collegiate member, it is easy to forget that Alpha Xi Delta does not just mean your college chapter. Alpha Xi Delta is much bigger than one group of girls and there are so many sisterly connections to be made outside of your chapter. No matter how many years pass, a true Alpha Xi Delta heart will stay double blue and gold forever! Please feel free to reach out to be if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, at 


Chloë Johnston
Communications Vice President